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Return and Exchange

Mamuxa - - If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can exchange the product or request a refund. You can return the product within 14 days after it has been delivered to you. To avail of this service, the product must be unused, in its original box, packaging, and the e-invoice sent by email must be sent together to [email protected]. Products that do not meet these conditions will not be accepted for return or exchange. You can easily return a product you are not satisfied with to After informing Mamuxa Customer Service via email - [email protected] - about your return request, you can send your product back with the specified shipping.

  • You can return your product within 14 days from the date you received it.
  • The product you want to return must be with the invoice, in its original box - packaging, unused, and must not have lost its resellability.
  • You should send the product you want to return with its original invoice and the sender code of our contracted shipping company. You can obtain the sender code from Mamuxa Customer Services.
  • Only products that have not lost their resellability are returned to Mamuxa. If you state the reason for the return or request an exchange on the back of the invoice, the product price will be refunded to your account or the exchange will be processed.
  • When your return shipment reaches us, it is inspected by our team. The amount of your canceled orders will be refunded to the credit card or bank account you used for payment. The reflection of your refund on your statement or account may vary depending on your bank.
Return Procedure:

Step 1: Make your return application

  • Clearly state your return request to Mamuxa customer services via email [email protected].
  • If the invoice for the product is corporate, it must be sent along with a return invoice issued without including the shipping part, “Product Unit Price + VAT”. Returns for orders invoiced to companies cannot be completed unless a return invoice is issued.
  • Returns are only accepted from the person who purchased the product.
Step 2: Place the product in its original box
  • Place the product you want to return inside its original box or packaging. If the product and the product box are in the condition you received them, undamaged and have not lost their resellability, your return can be accepted.
Step 3: Contact customer services
  • Send an email to [email protected], stating that you request a return.
  • Deliver the product you want to return, along with its original box and invoice, to the shipping company using the sender code provided by customer services.
Step 4: When your return reaches
  • After Mamuxa receives your return package, they will inspect the products and refund the money to the credit card or bank account you used for payment.
Feedback for used product:

The review process addresses problems encountered after use. The product you request to be returned for inspection is reviewed by us and the review status is reported to you within 5 business days after the review.